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Title:End of The Day lyric [Han|Rom|Eng] - Jonghyun
Published:23 April 2017
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I'm so devastated hearing those news,
I feel so useless as a fans to not noticed those clues...
I'm so over worried about onew gonna blame himself over his scandal thinking that the other member doing well TnT
I'm so sorry that we couldnt be an enough support to you Jonghyun-ah,

Jonghyun, you may not being with us today and so on,
but because of you, your song, your voice
that was a really big help and support that cant be expressed by word,
Your kindness and our memory together
I never ever could forget that,
Jonghyun-ah ,
You did well,
Thankyou for being born.

-with much love and pray that I could sent to you
-fellow shawol

8/4/2018 Happy Birthday Jonghyun ah. I still here well and alive. You still being kept in my heart. Wish you're happy there!


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